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You are warmly welcome to the Interdisciplinary LIBRARY for Sustainability (#IDLS, https://idls.wordpress.com/).


This is perhaps the most innovative piece of work that I have developed as part of my Sustainable University One-stop Shop Experiment (http://www.sustainableuni.kk5.org/), which is recognised in UNEP Greening Universities Toolkit (http://www.sustainabilityexchange.ac.uk/files/unep_greening_university_toolkit-final-small_size.pdf, page 61).


My attempt here is to bring together different types of sustainability content onto one platform so that research publications and cartoons exist in close proximity – perhaps separated by a story or a video or a UN report!


Despite this mix, you can easily search for what you like – in three ways:

  • Categories
  • Tags
  • The search box


The six categories are based mainly on the type of post/ source:

  • Academic/ Reports
  • Learning/ Information
  • News/ Features
  • Quotes/ Sayings/ Poetry
  • Social/ Blogs
  • Videos/ Photos/ Graphics


Tags relate to the content of the post and are structured around what I call ‘3-pathway approach to sustainability engagement’, namely disciplines, interests and continents.


The search box can be used for searching words, including those not among the tags or the categories.


Hope you will enjoy your visit today. Much appreciated if you could kindly express your thoughts (as comments).


Phase 1 is now complete and comprises around 130 posts. Of course, Phase 2 will follow. So please visit this Library again in the future…




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