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The Sustainable University One-stop Shop Experiment



This online library, still under construction, is the latest satellite website of the Sustainable University One-stop Shop Experiment.


A list of the other web-links of the Sustainable University One-stop Shop Experiment is as follows:


The Sustainable University (SU) One-stop Shop

Central platform | http://www.sustainableuni.kk5.org/


Satellite websites


SU News | https://sunewsinfo.wordpress.com/

SU Storytelling | https://sustystory.wordpress.com/

SU Communication https://sustycomm.wordpress.com/

SU Good Practice | http://sugoodpractice.wordpress.com/

SU Quotes | http://suquotesfacts.wordpress.com/

SU Poetry | https://supoetry.wordpress.com/



Social networking



@SustainableUni1 | http://twitter.com/sustainableuni1

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Models/ Proposals




Wave Hypothesis for SUSTAINABILITY Engagement across boundaries – illustrated with examples https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/wave-hypothesis-sustainability-engagement-across-asitha-jayawardena




The Sustainable University Support (SUS) Model https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/university-aspiring-do-better-sustainability-sus-hand-jayawardena